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      Wish to Meet you on K SHOW 2016!


      The Plastics and Rubber International Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Deutschland (K Show), a grand international gathering in plastic and rubber industry, is commonly recognized as the largest international exhibition among all similar exhibitions held all over the world for the time being. The exhibition, held once every three years, so far has been successfully held for 19 times, and the K Show 2016 will be the 20th event and has its grand opening unveiled in the Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre on October 19, and contines till October 26, 2016. The exhibition has wide international influence, and has long been deemed as a good opportunity for business, information collection and technical exchange by the insiders from world's plastic and rubber industry. And each time there will be a great number of professional manufacturers and experts attracted to visit and participate in the exhibition.

       K SHOW 2016

      From October 19 to 26

      Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre

      Booth No. of Huaye


      On this exhibition, we will show a series of barrels and screws applied to special plastic materials, including those specially applied to the electronic, auto, food packaging and medical industries, welcome to visit the exhibition for more details.